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USS Glenard P. Lipscomb (SSN-685)
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USS Glenard P. Lipscomb (SSN-685)


Keel Laid down, 5 June 1971, at the Electric Boat Division of General Dynamics Corp., Groton, CT.; Launched, 4 June 1973; Commissioned, USS Glenard P. Lipscomb (SSN-685), 21 December 1974; Decommissioned and struck from the Naval Register, 11 July 1990; Final Disposition, disposed of through the NPSSRP (Nuclear Powered Ship and Submarine Recycling Program) at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Bremerton, WA. 1 December 1997.

The USS Glenard P. Lipscomb (SSN 685) was the US Navy’s second prototype design using a turbo-electric power plant similar to the Tullibee. The Glenard P. Lipscomb was generally similar to the SSN-637 Sturgeon class, apart from the use of submarine turbo-electric drive [TEDS] rather than the standard geared drive. Intended to test the potential advantages of this propulsion system for providing quieter submarine operations, the substantially larger and heavier machinery also resulted in slower speeds. Those disadvantages, along with reliability issues, led to the decision not to utilize this design on the follow-on SSN-688 Los Angeles class of submarines. Although serving as a test platform, the "Lipscomb Fish" was a fully combat-capable attack submarine.


General Dynamics, Electric Boat Division,
Groton, Connecticut.
5,906 tons surfaced,
6,584 tons submerged.
365 feet (111 m)
32 feet (9.8 m)
S5W Reactor
18 knots (33 km/h; 21 mph) surfaced,
23 knots (43 km/h; 26 mph) submerged.
Test Depth:
1,300 feet (400 m)
12 officers,
109 men
4 x 21in (533 mm) torpedo tubes