for Submariners

by Hamilton 1:1 Communications, LLC
Thanksgiving Cards

Submariner Thanksgiving Cards are available in many versions and there is set of options which may be applied to all six. To place your order go to the "Shop Now" section and then select Submariner Greeting Cards. All our custom designed greeting cards are printed on commercial digital presses.

There are many options available for the Thanksgiving Cards;

1) You may select from six basic design themes for both the Outside of the Thanksgiving Cards (Pages 1 & 4), Versions A, B, C, D, E and F and six basic design themes for the Inside of the Thanksgiving Card: Version A, B, C. D, E and F. You will find Hyperlinks for all versions below. The front and back versions maybe mixed in any way you choose.

2) You may select gold, silver or duel colored dolphins to be applied on the outside of the card. After the card is folded, the set of dolphins you select will appear on what is the outside front. The dolphins, which appear on the backside, page 4 of the card, will appear as duel colored dolphins as they are a part of the "Designed for Submariners" logo.

3) You may have an image of your favorite boat printed on the backside of the card. Your Boat image will be presented in a Gold Frame with double matting of White and Black.

4) You may select from a variety of quantity options: 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 250 and 500.

specifications and an "options menu" for the Thanksgiving Cards can be found on the Greeting Card product page
located in the "Shop Now" section.

If you wish to purchase Thanksgiving Cards now click on this link: Submariner Greeting Cards

The Outside Images for the Thanksgiving Cards each display two images side by side. one of which shows Page 1 of each card right reading, the other is the same image rotated 180 degrees to display Page 4 right reading. The single inside images show both pages 2 and 3 right reading.