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by Hamilton 1:1 Communications, LLC
Submariner Stationery
This site is for Qualified Submariners and their families; veterans or on active duty.

The design theme for the Submarine Stationery has been created to graphically honor qualified Submariners whether they be; individuals who served and separated, chose to serve and made it a career, then retired, or are on active duty.

The newly created "Submariner Stationery" consists of six (6) design themes each consisting of 8.5" x 11" letterhead and"Second Sheets"  with matching "#10 envelopes" . All of these products are produced using four color process (CMYK) on the latest commercial digital printing presses. For those of you who purchased Christmas Cards, you are familiar with the beauty of digital printing.

All six (6) design themes will be digitally printed on your favorite paper shade chosen from any of the five (5) we offer. The paper is 24 lbs Classic Crest Bond made in the USA by Neenah Paper Mills. All paper we use is watermarked and compatible for use with desktop printers.

You will make that choice by using a drop-down menu in the options list found on all three stationery product pages under "Submariner Stationery" in the shopping section of the website. Simply click on "Shop Now", then click on the "Submariner Stationery" product page. There you will find links to pages for; "Letterhead", "Second Sheets" and "Envelopes". You must order each of the three individually. Each of the products will be produced on a different production schedule. Therefore, each will be shipped separately.

Like all of our products, the stationery products are customized for each individual submariner. In addition to your contact information, there are several choice you have to make in order to customize your stationery. They are; your favorite version (v1, v2, v3, v4, v5 and v6), your favorite shade of paper,  you choose silver or gold dolphins, if you wish you may choose to have your highest rank or rate applied, you select the quantity you wish to order for each element, yes, they can be different quantities, and you choose the quantity from a drop-down menu (25, 50, 75, 100, 200 and 250).

The last two versions (v5 and v6) have been design to allow those of you, who are or have been, career Submariners, to have your career visually represented by a progression of boat patches. These design themes will accommodate up to five (5) different boat patches. However, you may choose one of these two versions even if you served on only one boat. In that event, only one boat patch will appear within the Heading icon. To place up to five (5) boat patches within heading icon of versions 5 or 6 , type each boat name with hull number in the text field marked: "Boat Patches, up to 5" (i.e. Irex SS-482, etc.)

Because there are six (6) version from which to choose, I have decided to show them all on this page in the same fashion as most of the boats are presented. That is by a hyperlink, which when clicked upon, will open a full size color image in a second window for you to inspect. The six (6) versons of the 2nd sheets are the same for both Gold and Silver, and there is one generic version for the 2nd sheet.  Once you have decide on your favorite version proceed to: "Shop for Stationery now"

Gold Dolphin Versions:
(A gray border has been placed around most of the linked images in order to allow you to see the paper borders. The gray border is not part of the design theme).

Second Sheets

Silver Dolphin Versions:
(A gray border has been placed around most of the linked images in order to allow you to see the paper borders. The gray border is not part of the design theme).