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Submarine Business Cards
This site is for Qualified Submariners and their families; veterans or on active duty.

The design theme for the Submarine Business Cards was created in order to provide those of us who served and qualified on submarines with a very high quality business card. The card will visually represent those things which were accomplished and important to each of us while serving in the "Silent Service"!

The Front of a Submarine Business Card

The design theme includes an action image indicative of the Submarine Service on the front of the card. There are twenty-four (25) such images from which to choose. You will find those images by clicking your mouse on the navigation button"(Front Bus Card Images)".  You will be redirected to the page from which you choose the image for the front of your business card. They are accessible by hyperlinks. The images are each marked alphabetically in red A through Y. Remember the designation for your favorite image because you will be asked to select that alphabetical designation from a pull down menu when ordering the options for your card.

Your contact information will be placed over that image in gold lettering. Also, a metallic image of your dolphins (silver or gold) will be placed beneath your name. And, you may have the diesel boats forever insignia (silver or gold) or the deterrent patrol insignia (silver or gold) placed under the dolphins. In the case of Officers and Chiefs, you may have your rank/rate placed beneath your name, such as: "MCPO (SS), USN (Ret.)". (The images below illustrate how the front and back of your card will appear).

Typical Front of a business card with image "I" selected from the "Front Side Bus Card images" Page

The Back of a Submarine Business Card

The design theme for the back of the card also incorporates a color image. You will be asked to select an image representing the submarine on which you qualified, or in the case of most Diesel Boats, the submarine which most closely represents the boat class on which you first qualified.

If you served on a boat other than your "Qual Boat", which was your favorite boat
, you may use that boat's image on the back. In that event, we will just list the boat on which you qualified beneath an image of it's patch.

The website pages devoted to the submarine images are found by running your mouse over the following Navigation Buttons: "Diesel Boat Evolution" (27 page), "Nuke Attack Evolution" (13 pages) and "Missile Boat Evolution" (8 pages).
When you run your mouse over the buttons representing those sections, a listing of pages in the section will appear. Click on the page link to be redirected to the page you wish to see. Throughout those pages there are more than (280) images from which you may choose.

In gold type
over the image you have selected for the back of your card will be placed the name, hull number and Patch of the boat. There are also several optional insignia you may select for placement on the back. Among them are; the Holland Club logo with appropriate year, a metallic image of rank or rate, from 3rd Class PO to Admiral, various diving insignia, such as scuba diver, etc. These customizing features may all be selected by using the text fields and pull down menus found in the Product Options Menu.

Typical Back of business card with Favorite Boat Image, personal Insignia and Patches applied.

Backside image # 19

To see some samples of how some submariners developed their business cards, click on this link:

How to order Submarine Business Cards

Once you have selected the images for the front and back of your card, please click your mouse on the "Shop Now" navigation button and you will be redirected to the welcome page in the shopping section of the website. Once there, follow the written instructions. If you wish to order your business cards now, please click on this link: (Buy Submarine Business Cards now)