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Submariner Banners

This is a website developed specifically for "Qualified Submariners" and their families. You can be on active duty, retired or served and separated. The products for sale on the site are all customizable for each individual or USSVI Base.

Submariner Banners are a way for Submarine Veterans to show the world who they are and where they're home is. The templates have been designed, so any base or boat association may use them. You need only to provide your base or boat name, the name of the city or town and the state in which you meet. We will customize a "Submarine Base Banner", a "Submarine Boat Association Banner" and or a "Submarine Kaps4Kids Banner" using the design theme for each as seen by clicking on the  sample hyperlinks below. The "Submarine Kaps4Kids Banner" come in one size only;  66" wide by 28" high. The "Submarine Base Banners" and "Submarine Boat Association Banners" are available in three (3) sizes.

The banners are produced on 13 oz. matte white vinyl. The printing is done in full color on one side only. The product and its materials are made in the USA.

There are several finishes from which to choose for all banners. The options may be chosen using text fields and pull down menus in the options menu of the Product Page, which is found in the shopping section.

If you drive while participating in a parade our smallest size for Base and Boat Association Banners (6'6" x 3') are ideal to be used for display on the side of a vehicle . They are also ideal for display on a wall, or on anchored poles where you hold your meetings. The Banners may be ordered hemmed with grommets inserted every two feet or just in the corners. If ordered simultaneously, a second banner may be ordered at a substantially reduced price, so they can be display on both sides of a vehicle.

The larger sized banners are ideal to be hand carried by two men while participating in a parade. They can be ordered with Pole Pockets on either side of the banner, or at the top and bottom.

The sample images you will see when clicking on the hyperlinks below is from the original artwork for the 6'6' x 3' Banners. Obviously, they are substantially reduced. As you can see, there are links to samples of each of the three banner designs.

If you wish to order a Submarine Banner now, please click here: Submarine Banners

There are now Three (3) New Design Themes for the Submariner Base Banners (A,B, and C)
(When you order, please use the drop down menu in the options list to select your version)

Submarine Base Banner Version A
Submarine  Base Banner Version B
Submarine Base Banner Version C