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the pennsylvania submarine memorial park

This is an informational page devoted to the Pennsylvania Submarine Memorial Park which is a project being developed by the Lehigh Valley Base of  the United States Submarine Veterans, Inc. A non for profit entity.

Illustration created by John Reasner

A Tribute to the

United States Submarine Force

"Nowhere in the history of naval warfare can be found a brighter chapter on devotion to duty than that written in the records of the "Silent Service".

Unheralded and unsung because of the necessity for operating under a heavy cloak of secrecy, the men who went down to the sea in submarines carried the battle to the enemy in his own waters from Pearl Harbor to the surrender in Tokyo Bay.

To those who served or gave their lives in undersea warfare this; The Pennsylvania Submarine Memorial Park is dedicated with gratitude and reverence.

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On behalf of the Lehigh Valley Base of United States Submarine Veterans, Inc., we thank you for your consideration in making a donation to help in the completion of The Pennsylvania Submarine Memorial Park. To make a donation, please go to the following link:

Pride Runs Deep!

Vincent G Flaherty, Base Commander
The Lehigh Valley Base
The United States Submarine Veterans, Inc

T: (267) 261-8693

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