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Greater Underwater Propulsion Power Program
Guppy IA

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GUPPY IA Program

BuShips devised the GUPPY IA (SCB 47A) program of 1951 as a cheaper alternative to the GUPPY II conversion. While the GUPPY IA conversion included most features of the GUPPY II, it omitted the four-cell battery configuration and extensive internal rearrangement associated with it. Instead, the GUPPY IA retained the original battery wells, fitted with more powerful Sargo II batteries. These batteries featured electrolyte agitation, battery cooling, and open tank ventilation. They also had a longer life than the Guppy batteries, though shorter than the original Sargo battery. The sonar room was relocated from the forward torpedo room to a space under the galley. Compared to the GUPPY II, the GUPPY IA offered lower cost, better habitability, and easier maintenance at the expense of underwater performance

The USS Blenny (SS-324) was a Guppy IA that was later used as a test platform for the US Navy PUFFS (Passive Underwater Fire-control Feasibility Study) hardware. The PUFFS designation was also applied to USN AN/BQG-1/2/3/4 anti-submarine warfare systems.




307' 7" length
27' 4” Beam
17' Draft
1,800 tons Surfaced Displacement
2,400 tons Submerged Displacement
5,400 SHP Diesels, 2 Shafts
4,610 SHP Electric Motors, 2 Shafts
18 kt surfaced speed
15 kt submerged speed
17,000 nm at 11 kt surfaced endurance
108 nm at 3 kt submerged endurance
400 ft Test Depth
79 to 84 crew


6 x 21” TT Bow
4 x 21” TT Stern
22 x 21” Torped