for Submariners

by Hamilton 1:1 Communications, LLC

Front-side Business Card images
Please make your choice using the RED alphabetic designation in the upper right corner of each image. Then place your choice in the appropriate drop down menu  in the "options" section of the business card product page.
We have double the number of images from which to choose for the front side of the Submariner Business Cards. We now have 29 high quality images available.

I have altered the design theme slightly in order to have the gold type show better when place over a lighter colored image. If you look closely you will see a solid black drop shadow behind all the typed words and numbers.

In addition all the images have been extensively worked upon in Photoshop in order to present them at the highest level of quality.

They are now accessible for viewing by clicking on a blue hyperlink provided for each image. Each image is numbered alphabetically (A, AA, AAA, AAAA through Z). The extra three with multiple A designation are all diesel boats under water. Below you will find three columns each containing hyperlinks. This is the same way you may access most of the several hundred images of submarines found throughout the website.

When you click on the hyperlink the corresponding image will open in a new window or tab. Each image will have a solid black 2" border. Please remember, the image you are viewing is roughly three times larger than they will be when reproduced at a standard business card size of 2"H x 3.5"W. Other than size, the images will look exactly as you see them when printed.

Please remember your favorite image by its alphabetic designation, which will appear in red in the upper right hand corner. You will need to select that designation from a drop down menu when placing your order.

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If you wish to order your submariner business cards now, please click on the following submarine hyperlink, which will redirect you to the business card catalog page in the shopping section. Once there please select from either the "Submariner Business Card" or the "Submariner Plastic Business Cards", then fill out the options list: Buy Submariner Business Card Now