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 Digital Paintings

This is a website developed specifically for "Qualified Submariners" But, these images may be purchased by anyone for use in their home or office!

Digital Paintings

These "Digital Paintings" are created by hand using an Apple Computer. My purpose is to create beautiful images involving the oceans of the world. They will utilize; a sunset, a sunrise, the arctic, beaches, various ocean colors, sea birds and sea creatures such as whales and dolphins. However, they will all have something in common. Somewhere in each image will be a submarine. I will try to involve submarines from various eras and evolutions. No submarine will have a hull number. That way each image will represent a submarine class. Civilians as well as submariners can enjoy the images. They can enhance the decor of any home.

Digital painting is an emerging art form in which traditional painting techniques such as watercolor, oils, impasto, etc. are applied using digital tools by means of a computer, and software (such as Photoshop) In my case, I use both Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to create these images.

Thus far, I have offered various products, which can be customized for the individual. Each product therefore, is one of a kind. These "Digital Paintings" may be ordered by themselves or customized by the placement of Dolphins, (Silver or Gold), and or a boat patch of your choice! The images will be available in several sizes. Over time, I intend to create 20 to 30 images. Each will be present on this page via a hyperlink.

The following is an example of a "Digital Painting" with Dolphins and a Boat Patch in place:

(please click on hyperlinks below)

A- "Dolphins Jumping Sunset"
B- "Natures Battery Charge"
C- "Arctic with Penguins"
D- "Guppy Arctic Stern and Seals"
E- "End of Sunset"
F- "Golden Gate at Dusk"
G- "Tranquil Sunset"
H- "Beach at Sunset"
I- "Iceberg Bears and Scopes"
J- "Red Sunset Green Sea"
K-"Thresher at Sunset"
L-"Boomer and Diamondhead"
M-"Nuke Stork Moon"
N-"Dolphin Leap Sunrise"
O-"Home Coming"
P-"Dolphins at Sunrise"
Q-"Submarine and Sailboats"
R-"Fireworks and Honolulu"

S-"Haul'in to the Barn"
T-"Submarine and Whale at Sunrise"
U-"Sub and Girl on Dock at Sunrise"
V-"Boomer Arrives"
W- "Dolphin Jump in Moonlight"
X- "Girl on Horse"
Y- "Rough Sea"
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Further specifications will be found on the product pages in the shopping area of the website. If you wish to purchase a "Digital Print" now, click here: Digital Paintings


Kodak Professional  Endura Premier finish choices

Select "Lustre photo paper" for your "Digital Painting" if you intend to frame it behind glass or if you intend to mount it directly to a wall. The Lustre surface is closely related to matte, but with a textured finish and a very slight sheen. It is the standard in professional printing.

Select "Metallic photo paper" for your "Digital Painting" if you intend to Mount it directly to a wall and want a very high gloss appearance, but not if you intend to frame it behind glass. (the gloss finish will likely clash with the glass). Metallic has very unique properties. It is a high gloss paper that has a three-dimensional metallic look. It also gives very flattering skin tones and looks great for outdoor and black and white images.


You may add a sense of stability and style to your "Digital Painting" with our assortment of mounting products and methods. Choose from two popular material options, "Matboard" and "Gatorboard", as well as varying thicknesses including single weight Matboard, 3/16 inch and 1/2 inch Black Gatorboard

We suggest using Matboard if you intend to frame your "Digital Painting". It will provide the necessary stability needed for framing.

Image mounted on Single Matboard

We suggest using Gatorboard if you intend to place your "Digital Painting" directly onto a wall in your home or office. The 1/2 inch Gatorboard will provide a 3D effect.

Placing an image directly on a wall with Black Gatorboard Mounting