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55 Regulus (SSG) Conversions

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USS Barbero (SSG-317) Balao Class

USS Barbero (SSG-317) Regulus II

1 February 1955 Barbero entered Mare Island Naval Shipyard for her second conversion. Her designation was changed to (SSG-317) (Guided Missile Submarine). In October 1955, USS Barbero, originally (SS-317) and also a World War II fleet boat, was commissioned as the Navy’s second SSG, having been brought out of mothballs and provided by the Mare Island Naval Shipyard with a cylindrical hangar identical to Tunny’s. After work-ups off the coast of California, Barbero transited the Panama Canal in April 1956 and joined the Atlantic Fleet.

USS Barbero (SSG-317)
loading Regulus I Missile

Regulus I Missile Load Barbero (SSG-317)

Boats Converted:

USS Barbero (SSA-317) Balao

Boat was converted from SSA



312' length
27' 4” Beam
1,525 tons Surfaced Displacement
2,400 tons Submerged Displacement
2,305 SHP Diesels, 2 Shafts
2,740 SHP Electric Motors, 2 Shafts
84 crew


6 x 21” TT Bow
2 x Regulus I Missiles (Hangar)