for Submariners

by Hamilton 1:1 Communications, LLC
Welcome "Brothers of the Phin"

This is a website developed specifically for "Qualified Submariners" and their families. You can be on active duty, retired or served and separated. The products for sale on the site are all customizable for each individual or USSVI Base.

To find your way around the website, please scroll to the top of each page. There you will see two rows of words in Navy Blue type. They represent the sections found on the site. Think of them as chapters in a book. If you run your mouse over each section title, the blue type will turn to gold and a page index will be displayed. Click on the hyperlink for any page in the index and you will be redirected to the page. There is no page index in the following sections; Welcome, Front Bus Card Images, Shop Now and Contact. Each of those sections has only one page, so when you click on them you will go directly to the page. The Shop Now menu link will take you to the Shopping Section of the website, which has a similar menu bar of it's own.  See Illustration below:

At least one 8" x 12" image of every Nuke Boat may be seen on this site. To find your boat go to the sections; "Nuke Attack Evolution" and "Missile Boat Evolution." Among those sections are (24) pages, each is devoted to a boat class. All boats, which were built as unique, or one of a kind, have their own dedicate page defining why they were built. (i.e. USS Narwhal (SSN-671)).

All Boat pages have a section entitled "Boats Built" There you will see a list of boats built within that class, each represented by a light blue hyperlink. Click your mouse on any link and a large 8" x 12" color image of the boat will appear in a new window, (i.e. USS John Marshall (SSBN-611) ). Those images are exactly what you will see if you order a "Submarine Digital Print", "Submarine Posters" or "Submariner Business Card".  However, in some cases, the image may be cropped differently in order to have the boat properly positioned. There are over 400 beautiful color images to visit.

The Diesel Boats are displayed on the (29) pages found in the "Diesel Boat Evolution" section as before. However, there are many more Diesel Boat color images to be seen. They are represented by a light blue hyperlink in the "Boats Built" section of each page (i.e.(USS) Irex (SS-482)). If there isn't a color image of your Diesel Boat boat available, it's name will appear in gold type...not as a hyperlink. If you don't find a color image for your boat of choice, you may substitute for it by using an image of a boat representing the class of your boat. I will remove the boat hull number in that even. The Red letters seen in the upper left hand corner of the diesel boat images are no longer used to order.

Once you have chosen the images for your product, click on the "Shop Now" Navigation Button. That will redirect you to the "Store Welcome" page, which will tell you how to select and order your product. Each product page has a full description with physical specifications and an "Options Menu." There you may provide the information necessary to customize your product by filling in text fields and using pull down menus.

For all boats seen on the site, you may select your submarine image by typing the name and hull number into the appropriate text box found in the product "Options Menu," (i.e. "Boat Name w/hull no.").

The cost for all our products is one flat all-inclusive price. That price includes; the design work, two rounds of full color proofs, the Hi-Res file for print production and ground shipping to any U.S. destination including Hawaii and Alaska.

Thank you for your business and please don't hesitate to call or email with any question, suggestion or constructive criticism you may have. Please visit and 'Like" or comment of our "facebook" page by clicking on the facebook icon below.

Vince Flaherty
United States Submarine Veteran
Hamilton 1:1 Communications, LLC, Principal
Tel: (267) 261-8693